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BioMed Devices

JLM-BioCity Partner Argaman

Argaman Technologies Ltd.
Jeffrey Gabbay CEO and Co-Founder

Stage: Mature (entered the market)
Year Established 2014

Self-sterilizing textile products for the reduction of hospital-acquired infections and protection against viral diseases

6 Harashei Barzel, Industrial Area Talpiot, Jerusalem

JLM-BioCity Partner AtoxBio

Year Established:

Ato*Bio is a late-stage biotechnology company that develops novel immunomodulators for critically ill patients.

Reltecimod, Ato*Bio’s lead product, is initially being developed to treat Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (NSTI), a rare, life-threatening infection with high morbidity and mortality.

Reltecimod is currently being studied in ACCUTE (Reltecimod Clinical Composite endpoint Study in necrotizing soft Tissue InfEctions), a phase 3 clinical trial evaluating its efficacy in patients with NSTI. Previously, Reltecimod completed a phase 2 study in NSTI. Results demonstrated that patients treated with Reltecimod had a meaningful improvement across multiple endpoints.

JLM-BioCity Partner IOTECH

IO Tech
H Javice CEO
Stage: Advanced (pre-sales)
Year Established: 2016

IO Tech enables high-resolution 3D printing of most flowable materials: silicone, bio-materials, metals and ceramic pastes, polymers without reformulation of the original materials.

High-tech-park, Hebrew University Campus, Givat Ram, Jerusalem

JLM-BioCity Partner RenalSense

Avi Kleiman CEO and Co-Founder
Stage: Mature
Year Established 2010

RenalSense is a medical device company dedicated to real-time renal diagnostics. Its flagship product, Clarity RMS, changes the practice of ICU and critical care management by providing continuous, automatic monitoring of urine flow. This facilitates early detection of changes in renal function and the risk of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) – enabling rapid intervention, better patient care, and improved ICU economics.

3 Hamarpe, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Israel 914501

JLM-BioCity Partner Sonovia

Shay Herchcovici CEO 
Year Established 2013

The company proceeded to establish material strategic partnerships and initiatives targeted to support its scale-up efforts; in pursuit of the noble objective to dramatically combat the transmission and impact of Hospital Acquired Infections globally. Moreover, Sonovia presents a global solution to the textile industry in the form of its disruptive ultrasonic-based, high-performance, sustainable, and cost-competitive wet-processing application, by massively aiding in alleviating excess pollution and waste.

JLM-BioCity Partner Votis

Merrill Weber CEO & Co-Founder
Year Established: 

VOTIS IS A REVOLUTIONARY NEW TOOL TO SAFELY SCREEN, STAGE, AND MONITOR THE DIABETIC FOOT. Provides clinical decision support for diagnosis and monitoring of diabetic foot syndrome and related conditions. Designed for safe and repeated use over time, and for acute use during surgical procedures. Provides objective, repeatable, and measurable data useful to the doctor — regardless of treatment options being used.
A non-invasive and ionizing-radiation-free.

JLM-BioCity Partner GYNTOOLS

Gyntools Ltd

Nimrod Lev CEO 
Stage: Advanced (pre-sales)
Year Established 2016

Gyntools provides gynecology diagnostic systems

Hartum 19, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem


Christopher R von Jako, PhD Pres. & CEO
Stage: Mature
Year Established: 2003

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS is FDA cleared for treating depressive episodes in adult patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and in clinical trials for other neuropsychiatric and neuroscience applications.

19 Hartum St. Bynet Bldg, 3rd floor, Har Hotzvim Jerusalem 9103501 Israel

Hil Applied Medical

HIL Applied Medical
Sagi Brink-Danan CEO

Stage: R&D
Year Established: 2010

HIL is developing a new class of ultra-compact, high-performance cancer Proton Therapy systems

Hi-Tech Park 4/5, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Judith Richter Founder & CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 1992

Medinol is dedicated to the science of cardiovascular intervention. Medinol develops, manufactures, and markets the industry-leading NIRxcell™ Bare Metal Stent (BMS). Made from thin cobalt-chrome alloy and recognized for its unique flexibility, conformability and scaffolding.

Building 8, 35th Floor, Kiriyat Atidim, POB 58165 Tel Aviv 6158101 ISRAEL

Dr. Emil Katz CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 1995

Novamed, Ltd. is a privately owned Israeli life science company. Novamed has been committed to the development of innovative, proprietary diagnostic systems with worldwide marketing potential.

28 Pierre Köenig St., Talpiot Industrial Area POB 5323, Jerusalem 91531 Israel


boston scientific

Boston Scientific
Jonathan Goldstein CEO 

Year Established: 

Boston Scientific mission is to transform lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. Boston Scientific is dedicated to collaborating with healthcare professionals to develop a broad portfolio of meaningful innovations that improve outcomes, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and—most importantly—help more people in more places around the world live longer, healthier lives.

JLM-BioCity Partner Betalin

Betalin Therapeutics
Shay Herchcovici CEO
Year Established: 

Betalin Therapeutics is developing an innovative and breakthrough therapy for diabetes treatment. This game changing technology aims to replace insulin therapy for millions of patients worldwide.

Betalin Therapeutics’ proprietary technology is a biological micro-environment for supporting the harvested islets. The combination of the harvested cells and the proprietary micro-environment is called Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP).

JLM-BioCity Partner Genetika +

Genetika Plus
Talia Cohen CEO & Founder

Year Established: 

Searching for the best antidepressant is often a long and immensely challenging process for patients and their families. We develop innovative new methods to assist patients in finding the best antidepressant medication for them, providing better outcomes and fewer side-effects

BioGiv, Professor Racah St. 3

CellCure Neurosciences Ltd.
Charles Irving CEO
Est: 2005
Stage: Advanced

Cell Cure Neurosciences is focused on developing cell therapies for retinal and neural degenerative disease.

P.O.B 12247, Jerusalem 91121

Dr Amotz Shemi Co-Founder & CEO
Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 2008

Silenseed LTD is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing proprietary RNA interference (RNAi)-based cancer drugs and delivery systems designed to effectively penetrate and treat malignant solid tumors.

2 HaMa’ayan Street, Modi’in Technology Park Modi’in 7177871, Israel

Gamida Cell
Yael Margolin Pres. & CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 1998

Gamida Cell LTD. develops novel curative treatments for orphan hematological diseases and malignancies using stem cells and Natural Killer cells.

P.O Box 34670, Jerusalem 91340 Israel

Orit Kotler Co-Founder. & CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 2003

KoVax Ltd – Specializes in Aqua culture vaccines development and manufacturing. Our objective is to ensure fish health all over the world. We conduct research that facilitates the development of effective vaccines in the Aqua culture world and we provide our customer’s diagnostic services in all fish grow stages..

The company manufactures and is the patent owner of KV3 vaccine (with marker) against CyHV3 (KHV) for KOI and Common Carp.

Alomone Labs
Nissim Bajayo & CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 1989

Alomone Labs, leader in ion channel research, supplier of validated Ion Channel, GPCR and Neural Signaling tools. Production of primary antibodies, small molecules, proteins and peptides. .

Jerusalem BioPark (JBP), Hadassah Ein Kerem, P.O. Box 4287 Jerusalem 9104201, Israel

Haim Gil-Ad Co-Founder & CEO

Stage: R&D
Year Established: 2011

NovellusDx is dedicated to delivering the actionable intelligence that oncologists require to choose the right therapy for each patient.

NovellusDx provides comprehensive, fully-automated, functional gene profiling of individual patient tumors including charting the full landscape of known and unknown mutations that drive the cancer’s progression.

Jerusalem Bio-Park 5th floor. Hadassah Medical Center Campus, P.O.B 12057 Jerusalem, 91120, Israel


JLM-BioCity Partner Oramed

Oramed Pharmaceuticals
Nadav Kidron Co-Founder & CEO

Stage: Clinical trials
Year Established: 2006

Oramed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ORMP) has developed an innovative technology to transform injectable treatments into oral therapies. Its flagship product, an oral insulin capsule, has the potential to better the lives of millions of diabetics around the world – allowing type 2 patients to begin insulin therapy without fear of needles. Oramed’s oral insulin is currently in advanced clinical trials under the US FDA for type 2 diabetes.

Hi-Tech Park 2/4 Givat Ram, P.O Box 39098 Jerusalem, 91390, Israel 

JLM-BioCity Partner Semorex

Prof Buddy Green CEO

Year Established:

Semorex develops and commercializes innovative and novel targeted therapeutics utilizing our Selective Molecular Recognition technology for cancer patients.

20 Shmuel Hanagid St.
Jerusalem 9459221 Israel


JLM-BioCity Partner Silkim Pharma

Silkim Pharma
Dror Chevion CEO & Founder

Stage: Pre-Clinical
Year Established: 2017

The company licensed the right to commercialize the technology from Yissum, the TTO of the Hebrew University. These New Chemical Entities constitute a protected PLATFORM of DRUGS, with proven efficacy and complete safety, for treatments of multiple indications. The PLATFORM members show 3 synergistic Mechanisms of Action, extensively tested in animal models of human diseases (and anecdotal human cases).

JLM-BioCity Partner Concenter-Biopharma

Concenter BioPharma
Dror Chevion CEO & Founder

Stage: Clinical trials
Year Established: 2019

Concenter BioPharma is a subsidiary of Silkim Pharma Ltd., is developing a novel drug for treating and preventing type 2 diabetes. This drug act as:

  • Potent anti-inflammatory agents
  • Strong iron-chelating agents
  • Anti-biotic agents

JLM-BioCity Partner Pepticom

Immanuel Lerner CEO

Year Established: 2011 

Pepticom Ltd. was founded in 2011 to revolutionize the discovery of novel peptide drug candidates using its key asset, an exceptional artificial intelligence platform aimed at designing peptide ligands based upon solved crystal structures that enable Pepticom to operate in various disciplines and generate innovative binding peptides for diverse targets.

Entera Bio
Phillip Schwartz CEO & Founder

Stage: R&D
Year Established: 2010

Entera Bio develops oral drug delivery by utilizing its proprietary innovative technology which protects large molecules and peptides in the GI tract.

Dr Michael Har-Noy CEO & Founder

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 2004

Driven by compassion for patients suffering from incurable disease or highly toxic therapies, our mission is to develop innovative biological drug products and treatment protocols which harness the power of the human immune system to provide patients with cost effective improved quality of life and curative or life-extending treatment options.

Malcha Technology Park, 1 Agudat Sport Hapoel Street, Jerusalem, 96951, Israel

Giora Carni, Chairman of the Board. Zeev Weiss CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 2000

Intec Pharma is a drug development company, applying its innovative proprietary gastric retention technology to develop improved formulations of drugs.

12 Hartom st. (RMPE building) P.O.Box 45219, Jerusalem 91450 Israel

Izun Pharmaceuticals
William Z. Levine Chairman & Jack Talley CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 2000

Izun Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to harnessing nature’s complexity through the use of modern science to create and optimize botanical pharmaceutical products for the consumer health care industry.

Hi-Tech Park 2/4 Givat Ram, P.O Box 39098 Jerusalem, 91390, Israel

Amir Levin CEO

Stage: Advanced
Year Established: 1958

Rafa is a pharmaceutical company in Israel that markets, manufactures and distributes prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, mainly proprietary formulations, as well as generic formulations, and consumer health products.

Factory: Zeev Lev 3, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem

Jonathan Burgin CEO
Stage: Clinical

BioCancell is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies to treat cancer-related diseases. Its most advanced product candidate, BC-819, is under development as a treatment for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC)

1/3 High-Tech Village, Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel PO Box 39264, Jerusalem 9139102, Israel

Digital Health

JLM-BioCity Partner Pomicel


Year Established: 

POMICELL’s mission is to accelerate drug discovery and development. Using an automatic, AI-based platform that supports biotech and Pharma companies’ decision-making processes. POMICELL expedites and optimizes the researchers’ most crucial R&D decisions.

POMICELL’s unique approach offers an unprecedented combination of technology, methodology, metadata, and expertise. With access to large-scale external databases, we augment the data millions-fold, automate and tailor adjust the platform to specific R&D needs, and answer the most painful questions biotech and pharma companies ask.


JLM-BioCity Partner Healables

Healables Digital Health

Moshe Lebowitz CEO
Stage: Clinical trials
Year Established: 2017 is a digital health startup with a patient-centric AI-driven health coach and wearable digital therapeutic for the home-based and remote treatment of sports injuries,
chronic illness and chronic pain.

15 Ha-Tsvi, Jerusalem

Service Providers

JMB - Davis

JMB Davis Ben-David

Jeremy Ben-David CEO

Service Provider: IP Professionals
Year Established: 1995

Forward-looking veteran Israel and US IP firm, located in Har-Hotzvim Jerusalem. We assist our clients in obtaining relevant patents, trademarks and designs in important markets. Technical expertise in biology, chemistry, medical devices, software, water, agriculture, communications and alternative energy. Our Patent Attorneys and Lawyers will help you from conception of an invention to patenting in the US, Israel, European, Chinese and other important markets, from registration to enforcement.

8 Hartom Street, Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem



Dr. Tamar Raz CEO 
Year Established 1986

Hadasit is the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. We transform the cutting-edge research coming out of Hadassah into marketable medical technologies. We turn ground-breaking ideas into viable products and services that can change the world and better humanity.

More than half of all hospital research in Israel is conducted at Hadassah. Hadasit is Hadassah’s vehicle for commercialization of the intellectual property and R&D capabilities developed there. Hadasit holds exclusive rights to every innovation and invention emerging from Hadassah and we are dedicated to bringing these life-saving technologies to the public.

Hadassah Ein Kerem Campus


Hadassah Accelerator powered by IBM Alpha Zone

Dr. Tamar Raz CEO

Service Provider: 
Year Established: 2019

Hadassah Accelerator powered by IBM Alpha Zone is the ideal eco-system for Health-tech Startups in their journey to success and a leading hub for Digital Health innovation.
Located in BIOHOUSE, at the heart of Hadassah Medical Center, we bring our startups closer to the clinicians, patients, and real-world data of Hadassah, coupled with the best-of-breed technologies and advice of IBM experts.

Hadassah Medical Center, Ein-Kerem, Jerusalem


Merchavia Holdings and Investments Ltd.

Merchavia Holdings and Investments Ltd.

Merchavia Holdings and Investments Ltd. has made many investments in yield-bearing real estate over the years.

While rethinking the business strategy employed by the company’s board of directors in 2014, a decision was made to gradually exit the company’s investments in real estate and to begin investing in life science.

JLM-BioCity partner terralab

Terra Venture Partners

VC fund focused on early stage Israeli start-ups that positively impact our environment, healthcare and society.

Terralab Ventures is dedicated to finding and growing the technologies and innovation that will make tomorrow that much brighter. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship, technology and operational excellence. We harness this power each day by investing in and growing game changing ventures that have the potential to influence millions of lives and positively impact the world.

Our team works closely with entrepreneurs to jumpstart ideas and achieve business objectives. We aren’t just there to finance, we want to get our hands dirty with you and really make things happen.