JLM-BioCity's programs include:


JLM-BioCity holds regularly Events including leading Players in the  Bio Industry from Investors , Medical Experts ,Startups , Corporations and has teamed up with internal  Organizations to discuss trends and needed solutions in the Health Care especially on the challenges of Cod19, the impact of Big Data ana and the changing Biotech landscape

Theses Events also provide a platform to  our bio-startup pitch nights providing a platform for promising life science start-ups to present themselves to a forum.

At JLM-BioCity Launch event Ms. Thomsen lecturing on Medicon Valley Success

Bio Start-up Pitch Nights

JLM-BioCity holds regularly bio-startup pitch nights providing a platform for promising life science start-ups to present themselves to a forum of investors, VC fund managers or talent scouts from global life science corporations. These events assist both the presenting companies as well as other bio-entrepreneurs in the Jerusalem area (we are open to biomeders from all over the country) to perfect their start-up’s pitch and to introduce themselves with investors. The Bio Start-up Pitch nights are held alternatively in pharma or in biomed.


Assisting Startups and Promoting JLM Bio Companies

JLM- Bio City through its network assists Startups to connect to much needed resources and services.

JLM-Bio City assists Jerusalem based Bio Companies in the PR Efforts and shares these updates on its website and social media.

JLM-BioCity Bio-innovation page

Brainstorming Meetings

JLM-BioCity holds Brainstorming Meetings where discussions are held between doctors and medical professionals with scientists and companies in a particular field. Discussions between medical needs and potential solution technologies can pinpoint opportunities for new medical products and help focus startups on improving their vision.


Successful Bio-Entrepreneurs

Successful Bio-Entrepreneurs can serve as role models and mentors for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. JLM-BioCity brings successful Bio-Entrepreneurs to tell their story and provide firsthand experience to new biomeders.


Bio-Business Educational Events

Experts from various fields in the bio industry provide vital information on topics of value to the Jerusalem bio business community. Among the topics are FDA regulation, patent law, corporate law, accounting, CRO, marketing, pitching to investors, setting up a business and more. In many cases the topics were chosen according to raised needs such as the Horizen2020 launch.


International Professional or Business Missions

JLM-BioCity hosts groups of business-people or health professionals with Jerusalem life science and bio companies to generate leads and connections to new markets. Past missions have been held with missions from Russia, the USA, Morocco, and France.