You are currently viewing RespiDx’s spin-off, OmnySense, commercializes its comprehensive remote checkups Multimometer

RespiDx has created a new spin-off, OmnySense, to commercialize its Multimometer for comprehensive remote checkups.

RespiDx  has developed a technology platform for a comprehensive physiological check-up, including cardio, respiratory and vital-signs data (and more).   These signs include oral temperature, skin temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, respiratory/lung sounds (like a stethoscope), 6-lead ECG and more.

RespiDx is a social impact venture created to address to address one of the major health challenges in the developing world: The #1 killer of under-fives in low-resource areas is preventable pneumonia – responsible for the deaths of 900,000 kids annually in these areas, where they live with no doctors, and no X-ray machines.  The only medical resource in these impoverished areas is CHWs, untrained community health workers.  These CHWs have the required antibiotics (from UNICEF) but lack a working diagnostic tool.  RespiDx has developed a simple thermometer-like tool for these CHWs, that provides a simple yes/no diagnosis of pneumonia and shows the result by lighting a red/green LED.  This device has undergone proof-of-concept testing in clinical trials in the Congo and is now ready for optimization and scale-up.  This work will be performed together with the University of Alberta, Canada and in collaboration with RespiDx’s partner in Kenya, Living Goods, and their funders at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. RespiDx has received $400K investment in funding from Development Innovation Ventures (USAID) and Grand Challenges organizations.

OmnySense was spun out of RepiDx to commercialize its platform to create a thermometer-shaped device, the MultimometerTM, which performs a complete medical check-up during the 30 seconds required to take the patient’s temperature. This device will target Western markets, with the goal of determining if their child or baby is sick. This medical-grade information is stored in the cloud and enables a remote physician to perform a check-up while in video-conference with the patient.  OmnySense’s cloud-based storage and rule-based algorithms will enable relatives to monitor their elderly parents and automatic alerts to be generated.  The Multimometer is a game changer for the telemedicine/home care market, as it solves three main problems: simplicity/compliance (for patients), quality (for physicians) and costs (for payers).

OmnySense is currently raising a total of $3m in two stages, to bring the Multimometer product into clinical phase, and RespiDx seeks $500K from a social impact investor in order to finalize the pneumonia-diagnosis device.  The RespiDx/OmnySense team is headed by a team of Israeli serial entrepreneurs with several “exits” to their name and supported by an internationally-renowned Advisory Board.