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On Thursday, April 11, 2024, the SHAAR Healthcare Innovation Hub held its first Pitch Event and Expo at Midtown in Jerusalem, where the Shaare Zedek Medical Center was started. The event was part of the SHAAR Medtech Scale-up Program. Ten biomed companies were presented, have raised a total of $25 million, and have held 440 Individual Meetings. The event had more than a hundred participants, with many investors and angel groups participating.

Shaare Zedek Scientific (SZS/Mada’it), the research and innovation arm of SZMC, and Arieli Capital are leading the new SHAAR Hub, launched with the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) support. SHAAR, located within the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, combines SZMC’s medical expertise and world-class facilities with Arieli Capital‘s investment knowledge and record of fostering innovation and growth.

SHAAR‘s mission is to advance healthcare startups by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge medical research, innovative projects, and disruptive startups. SHAAR’s dynamic ecosystem encompasses a state-of-the-art hub, innovation and scale-up programs, a premier co-working space, and a collaborative community that fosters innovation and growth. SHAAR’s platform includes facilitating strategic investments to grow these startups and projects, providing them with the capital needed to turn visionary healthcare ideas into impactful solutions.


Renana Ofen, CEO of Shaare Zedek Scientific (SZS/Mada’it), stated: “Our goal at Mada’it is to assist entrepreneurs and startups by providing them with access to resources for developing their technologies, such as medical data, samples, pilot studies, clinical trials, and medical guidance. We are excited about the opportunity to promote leading and groundbreaking startups in smart medicine, to help patients and improve the face of medicine.”

The hub allows also access to SZMC’s medical facilities, including laboratories, world-renowned professors/medical staff/experts, and data. United with Arieli Capital’s strong focus on fostering innovation, business, and financial growth, SHAAR is where startups, investors, medical experts, and industry leaders unite to advance and support the next generation of healthcare technologies and entrepreneurs.


“We are proud to collaborate with Shaare Zedek Medical Center (SZMC) and together be a driving force for innovation through the SHAAR Scale-Up MedTech program. We are committed to bringing essential opportunities, resources, and collaborations to Jerusalem, helping these amazing startups on their way to growth and expansion,” said Nurit Kantrovitch, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Arieli Capital
“This is just the beginning of the process as we support this group of outstanding startups in advancing healthcare and impacting many people’s lives.”

The ten companies that are part of the program are:


CaleeTech is a biotech startup specializing in providing novel solutions for obesity and diabetes (diabesity). CaleeTech will improve glycemic control and weight loss by significantly reducing calorie, blood sugar, and fat levels without compromising the patient’s quality of life.


SNIPE is developing a novel endobronchial solution for removing solid tumors in the lungs, combining the benefits of a non-thermal ablation modality with a unique design to maximize ablation efficiency.

LuSeed Vascular

LuSeed Vascular‘s is developing “DOME™”, the first-in-class, a minimally invasive device for treating both Bifurcation and Sidewall brain aneurysms simply and safely. The device is designed for full compatibility with robotic systems.

Sherman Diagnostics

Sherman Diagnostics is developing a disruptive rapid (under 2 minutes) Point-of-Care Diagnostics platform for the detection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a wide range of applications, including emergency medicine, food safety, and homeland security.


TechnoPulm is developing the first worldwide accurate low-cost handheld device for complete pulmonary function tests (PFT): cabinless plethysmography, spirometry, CO2 / fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), and diffusion testing.


BeCapio is developing the first device allowing people, dealing with Fecal Incontinence Disorder, to regain control and maintain everyday activities by providing a discrete, noninvasive, multi-modal therapy.


GentaGel-LR is developing the first injectable, biodegradable local sustained release of antibiotics for the prevention & treatment of infections caused during hospital surgeries and interventions.

Predicta Med

Predicta Med offers the first deep learning-based solution for early detection and intervention selection of autoimmune diseases.


SORLIS is developing an Innovative system that integrates a contactless sensor array with AI algorithms for early detection of pressure ulcers (PU)

Panacea- ML

Panacea- ML aims to change the way clinical trials are designed and performed, transforming drug development and production and ultimately improving the health and quality of life. Panacea- ML delivers high-value insights that enable pharmaceutical companies and CROs to design and perform clinical trials that can bring effective treatments to market faster

About Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Shaare Zedek Medical Center (SZMC) is Jerusalem’s largest multi-disciplinary medical center, treating more than 1,000,000 patients annually in 30 inpatient departments and 70 ambulatory care units. With a constant commitment to improve and provide our patients with the best possible care, the 1000-bed facility and staff of over 4,500 people are dedicated to combining compassionate medical care with constant attention to groundbreaking scientific research and technological development to benefit the advancement of medicine in Israel and around the world.
Over 35,000 surgeries and approximately 3,000 diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterizations are conducted annually at SZMC. SZMC‘s Emergency Medicine Department is the largest in Jerusalem and treats 170,000 patients every year. The maternity departments see over 24,000 deliveries annually, establishing Shaare Zedek Medical Center as one of the world’s most active maternity hospitals.

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About Shaare Zedek Scientific (SZS/Mada’it)

Shaare Zedek Scientific (SZS/Mada’it) is the research and innovation arm of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem’s fastest-growing major medical center.SZS‘s goal is to act as an innovation bridge between leading companies in the fields of medical research and our hospital. SZS‘s strength is in converting initial research initiatives into novel medical treatments by leveraging our hospital’s abilities, facilities, patients, and team expertise for the advancement of medical science. SZS’s daily mission is to ensure that Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s growing successes in research and clinical care also benefit the global healthcare community.

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About Arieli Capital

Arieli Capital ( Arieli)  is a multifaceted investment firm that is an active investor and partner in the next generation of technology companies. Arieli Capital continuously strives to identify and support companies, creating a real impact while keeping financial returns as the primary objective. As a recognized global leader in innovation, Arieli is trusted by governments, academic and research institutions, multinational corporations, and financial institutions. Arieli is built upon three pillars: Arieli Family Office, Arieli Innovation, and Arieli Advisory. Arieli holds offices in Tel Aviv, London, and New York, with a presence in Zurich, Switzerland, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Founded by Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Arieli Capital, SHAAR‘s mission is to build a gateway between innovation and capital, creating an environment where cutting-edge medical research, pioneering projects, and forward-thinking startups can thrive through strategic financial and professional support. The hub facilitates advanced innovation programs and access to investment and funding opportunities, providing startups and medical projects with the resources needed to turn visionary healthcare ideas into impactful solutions. SHAAR, located within the Shaare Zedek Medical Center , combines SZMC’s medical expertise and world-class facilities with Arieli’s investment experience and track record of fostering innovation and growth platforms.

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