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Israeli startup, Soapy, provides an innovative solution for hand-hygiene maintenance and compliance. Their ECO Micro-Stations indicate to users when they have finished washing in order to ensure a complete and correct hand washing cycle. A computer vision interface then keeps track of the users in order to make sure that they maintain a regular, high quality hand washing regiment.

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organization has repeatedly stated that one of the most effective ways of preventing further infection is by doing one simple thing – washing your hands. Soapy has developed a smart sink to support this effort.

Soapy’s device, which was developed over the past three years from the headquarters in Rehovot, Israel, was never intended to be used in a fight against a virus outbreak. It was originally designed for schools, restaurants and other institutions that wanted to keep a higher level of cleanliness.

But now, their solution proves to be a much-needed weapon in the battle against coronavirus. The advanced device’s IoT and AI technologies make it the perfect aid for institutions caring for vulnerable populations like nursing homes, hospitals and additional care facilities.

Demand has been rising since January, and the company  is completely sold out until the new supply of ECO Micro-Stations arrives in May.

In facilities like nursing homes, which require high contact with risk-group populations, hand washing can be the difference between life and death. A caretaker that remembers to wash hands and takes the time to thoroughly disinfect, can save a patient’s life. An institution that encourages staff to maintain a higher level of hygiene can save many lives. Soapy’s interface is the first of it’s kind to enable ongoing monitoring of staff’s compliance with hand-washing guidelines.

“The coronavirus outbreak has proven once again how critical hand hygiene is for health”, Says CEO Max Simonovsky. “We are expecting the installations of thousands of ECO units within the next month, including a partnership with a major Israeli hospital. Our priority remains to take care of vulnerable populations such as the elderly and people with immunodeficiencies. Despite the increased demand, the institutions taking care of vulnerable populations will receive priority handling and shipping”.

About Soapy

Soapy is a privately owned, Israeli company. It was founded in 2017 by Max Simonovsky and Alex Orlovsky. The company produces the ECO Micro-Stations, uniquely designed stations that combine IoT, AI and face recognition algorithms, with a modern designed sink facility.

The Eco micro-station combines these technologies for a triple effect:

  • A proprietary reagent that has been scientifically proven to be particularly effective in disinfecting viruses and bacteria. Combined with the precise amount of water the station, this reagent reaches maximal disinfection potential while conserving 95% of the water used when washing using a traditional sink.
  • An ongoing indication for the user, providing quality assurance to every wash. A green light indicator shows when the wash routine is completed correctly.
  • Face recognition keeps track of which users have been diligent about hand hygiene.

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