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Sonovia is an Israeli startup that is redefining textile finishing by developing sustainable sono-embedded protection. Fabric without the sono-finishing technology has been found to display a significant amount of bacterial growth. In contrast, fabric with sono-finishing treatment was examined and found to have no bacterial growth at all. This innovative technology uses sound waves through an eco-friendly process in order to embed the desired properties into the textile. In addition to being so effective, Sonovia uses only water-based chemical formulations without any chemical binders or other harmful substances.

Sonovia CEO Igal Zeitun points out that “while in the conventional methods the materials adhere to the fabric using contaminants like chemical adhesives, with our technology, the required properties are shot right into the fabric.”

This benefits the textiles by building in protection against bacteria, viruses, odor, and fungi. Additionally, the finishing allows for water repellency, fire retardancy, and UV protection all with an incredible success rate of 99%! This technology is helping a varied group of industries including hospitality, medical, locomotive, automotive, and apparel companies with airplane seats, sports clothing, theater seats, car interior seats, and hospital beds. Sonovia hopes to revolutionize the textile industry in order to create a greener and safer experience.

Sonovia Covid-19 Masks

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sonovia used its incredible technology to create face masks that have become famous in Israel and around the world (specifically in the US) for their superiority. Since the start of the pandemic face masks have become a necessity for anyone who wishes to leave their homes and attempt to resume daily life. Shuki Hershcovich jumped on the opportunity to assist the world and sent his fabric to an army lab in Shanghai for initial testing. Sonovia face mask has revolutionized this face mask industry providing safety along with comfort.

The mask comes in two different models:

  • SonoMask ™ Pro: 97% filtration level, reinforced nose wire, and chin guard
  • SonoMask™: 84% filtration level, basic nose wire

Both models are washable and contain proprietary zinc technology that injects zinc and silver particles into the textile in order to allow the mask to repel bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The mask was tested in an Italian textile-testing laboratory where it was proven that the Sonovia mask eliminates Covid-19 Delta variant particles with over 99.95% effectiveness.

This significant finding resulted in an increase of the company’s stock by 30%.

“We want to give our customers the security that they are wearing masks that work,” said Sonovia’s creative director Jordan Fox.


Prof. Amos Adler, Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory at Tel Aviv University commented that “COVID-19 variants might have different epidemiological or immunological properties that are the result of point mutations in critical areas of the receptor-binding domain. Still, the overall structure and biophysical properties of the virus are almost identical. Hence, the antiviral effect exerted by the Sonovia-treated fabrics is expected to be present in all COVID-19 variants.”

Sonovia has recently launched into the United Kingdom market which signifies a big step forward in the advancement of their technology. GlobalNPD is responsible for identifying this significant gap in the UK market where Sonovia can introduce its mask at a competitive price point. It’s their pioneering technology and excellent credentials along with their personalization capabilities that are generating such success. GlobalNPD is working to help the world adjust to the new reality that the pandemic has brought onto us.

“We’re proud to launch Sonovia’s masks into the UK market via GlobalNPD and hope that the products help businesses and consumers alike in adjusting to the new normal. We have seen the numerous reports of environmental impact of non-reusable masks, and if we continue ignoring it for much longer the impact will go beyond what can be repaired. Sonovia’s revolutionary technology took over seven years to develop because we were not willing to compromise on functionality or sustainability whilst keeping in mind our competitive price point and appeal to the B2B audience. Ultimately, our mission is to bring frontier products led by superior technology to global audiences, and our roll-out in the UK is the next piece of our puzzle,” explained Dr. Jeevan Boyal, Director of GlobalNPD.

Beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic

Although Sonovia has made such a boom in the world of Covid masks they are still working to revolutionize the textile industry.

“It’s a good and profitable ‘side business’, and we’re working on developing more products as part of it, and I don’t know of any other start-ups that are making money instead of burning it. But the perception of us as a Covid company or mask company – that isn’t the story. The masks case proves that we have the ability to produce high-quality textiles, but that isn’t our focus. We’re taking the company in directions where success will be much more significant, and we believe that investors will understand the huge business potential of the company and of its solution.” says Sonovia CEO Igal Zeitun.

Sonovia is aiming to move beyond the mask business and begin selling its machines by the end of 2022 after it functions at Delta, an Israeli clothing manufacturer.


To Purchase Masks:

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About Sonovia

Sonovia was founded in 2013 by Shuki Hershcovich, with the hopes of keeping people safe from viruses and bacteria while keeping our planet clean. He obtained the rights to the innovative sono-based technology that integrates nanoparticles with specified qualities onto fabrics from researchers at Bar-Ilan University. This technology uses zero chemical binders while protecting our water sources and environment.

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