You are currently viewing STK & Liddor Paving the way for New Biological Pipeline Production in Beit Shemesh

Oct 24 – 2017 – STK (Stockton), a leading company in the development and marketing of botanical based solutions for food protection and Lidorr Chemicals Ltd, an agent for most prominent international companies dealing with a wide range of raw materials and technologies, has built a new biological manufacturing unit at Liad Agro facility in the Jerusalem area in Israel for the production of STK’s new products.

This manufacturing unit was designed to provide STK with the necessary capacity to advance its growing pipeline of biopesticides, hybrids and other biocontrol formulations for sustainable agriculture and aquaculture inputs to help growers improve their yield.

“We’re excited with this state-of-the-art machinery and technology that will provide STK additional capacity and flexibility to efficiently manufacture our new products, explained Guy Elitzur, CEO of STK. Having a dedicated manufacturing unit for STK will be a tremendous asset to help grow the company, both in terms of cost effectiveness and quality assurance of our existing and new products, from development to commercialization.”

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