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The fourth round of the Hadassah Accelerator, powered by IBM, was launched on July 22 at BioHouse on the Hadassah Medical Ein Kerem campus. This six-month helps Health-Tech startups that are involved in machine learning, AI, devices, applications, services, and solutions, with the purpose of significantly improving diagnosis and treatment of patients worldwide. To date, 15 companies that graduated have raised a total of $ 15 million. Just last June MDI Health raised $ 6 million. The collaborative initiative is being led by IBM, and the Consensus Business Group, in partnership with the Hadassah Medical Center, supported by the Jerusalem Development Authority, the City of Jerusalem, BioJerusalem. and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage.

At the Hadassah Acceleratorevent, the 5 startups gave presentations to an audience, mainly of investors and senior doctors. The event was intended to match up both medical and financial experts to each of the companies. Yaniv Alon, the head of Hadassah Accelerator opened up the event.

Alon said, “As a leading MedTech accelerator, that combines Hadassah and IBM experts with our partners to bring real value to a new generation of startups, we are so excited to start the 4th cohort of Hadassah Accelerator. It turned out even more special amid the Covid-19 challenges and proved the accelerator’s strength to attract promising startups seeking long-standing clinical and technological support”

LittleOne.Care investors is the first AI wearable platform for babies’ well-being and development. Advanced neural networks and patented algorithms answer their most concerning questions: Is my baby happy and safe when with others? How is my baby developing? Are my baby’s needs met? (58-sec video demonstration) while monitoring the baby’s cognitive and physiological iThe company has completed a successful Alpha trial of 70 parents and gathered the world’s largest tagged dataset of babies’ life events.

CardioLync  solves the problem of conditions going undiagnosed and untreated for chronic disease patients- like those who suffer from heart disease. Oftentimes, it is difficult for patients to keep track of all of their diagnostic test images and data (MRIs, CT Scans, ECHOs, etc.). This may lead to misdiagnosis especially involving patients who have chronic illnesses. Jeremy Kagan, CardioLync’s founder, and CEO explains that “CardioLync uniquely enables the sharing of information between experts and patients so that different medical specialties can communicate with each other and come up with the best diagnosis and the best treatment possible.” We are grateful to learn about CardioLync and all that they offer.

IntoSleep essentially is a personal sleep guru. IntoSleep solves the problem that 164 million people struggle with in the US and affects an estimated 35% of adults. It is difficult to fall asleep and get a good night’s sleep. IntoSleep works as “an AI-powered biofeedback science-based solution that acts as a customized sleep coach.

Futura Genetics is a company that works with clients and life insurers to bridge the gap. Futura Genetics provides personalized and effective tools for insurers to prolong their customers’ life expectancy. Futura Genetics gives a free, at-home DNA test and genetic counseling. After the DNA test is analyzed, the client is given three practical steps to be healthy and live longer.

Samplfy  is a platform for the collection & digital diagnostics of urine samples for all types of urine tests, taken anywhere. The solution would increase people’s compliance with urine tests, improve medical staff work processes and offer better disease monitoring, based on data-driven insights.

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