NovellusDx, the leader in functional genomics, was granted from the US Patenet Office a new patent titled “METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IDENTIFYING PATIENT SPECIFIC DRIVER MUTATIONS”. The patent adds to the protection of the company’s FACT system, which augments NGS data with information regarding functional significance and response to targeted therapies.

About NovellusDx

A precision oncology company that developed a novel live cell based assay to characterize the activity of unknown cancer mutations and test their response to targeted therapies. NovellusDx helps biopharma throughout the drug life cycle, from target discovery through clinical development to market expansion. More information:

NovellusDX  collaborates with top biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as numerous leading academic medical centers. From elucidating the MOA of a candidate, through charting the specific mutations and secondary mutations on specific genes that best respond to a candidate, all the way to identifying patient subpopulations in off-label indications, NovellusDx is helping bringing new targeted therapies to market.

NovellusDx routinely provides clinicians and patients functional information about the mutations found in the patients’ tumor and the response of these mutations to targeted therapies. NovellusDx tests the functional significance of the specific mutations and their interactions in live cells examining how they change the activity level of major cancer signaling pathways and how this is affected by different targeted therapies.




Source: Business Wire