You are currently viewing VRHealth selected for Excellence in Healthcare Future Tech Award at 2018 Las Vegas Smart Health Conference

April 27, 2018 – The Smart Health Conference in Las Vegas has selected VRHealth, the Israel-based, virtual reality for physical therapy technology company, as a Top 10 Smart Healthcare Company. Congratulations to Eran Orr and the rest of the VRhealth team.

Smart Health 2018, was held 26-27 April, 2018 at Balleys, Las Vegas, is a great opportunity for leaders belonging to both the healthcare and technology spectrum to rub shoulders with each other. The two-day Healthcare Management Conference, in addition to addressing the core challenges and benefits of integrating technology and healthcare, will also present excellent networking opportunities to both professionals and leaders working towards achieving a common goal of bringing the two industries on a common platform.

The objective of Smart Health 2018 conference is to not only understand the role of technology, such as IoT, VR, Machine Learning, Big Data, and more in providing better, convenient, and affordable healthcare solutions but also on visualizing the future of technology and healthcare.

VRHealth creates Virtual Treatment & Exercise Rooms by developing breakthrough medical,therapeutic and wellness applications using Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home, where users can analyze and quantify performance through a digital experience.

VRHealth is the first certified virtual reality medical company in the world and all its medical products are FDA authorized.

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