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Concerns about health and safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic have seen many clinics transform from traditional operations to telehealth providers. Demand for telehealth services has skyrocketed since pandemic lockdowns began.

Across the United States and beyond, there is a golden opportunity to expand access to telehealth services and protect healthcare providers. The most important provision states that all commercial insurers, self-insured plans, and the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) must cover medically necessary telehealth services. (The GIC administers health insurance and benefits for state employees and retirees.) Wizecare provides the ideal teleform that reinvents Physical Therapy, making it smarter, more cost effective that other existing solutions and it is available anywhere and anytime. The extra million NIS through crowdfunding will enable Wizecare to take advantage of the demand due to the pandemic lockdowns and to accelerate their marketing to capture a larger share of the USA market.

About WizeCare

WizeCare is a clinically proven remote home patient cutting edge solution. The solution is based on a unique technology that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm called MoveAI™. It allows the patient to perform physical therapy on the comfort of his home and requires nothing but a mobile phone, tablet, or a personal computer and without the need for any additional 3rd party hardware, of any kind. MoveAI™ can see the patients doing their exercise, providing them real time feedback as well as positive encouragement while informing their therapists on how well the patients are doing and where the patients have difficulty. This not only provides more effective sessions for the patients, providing a high level of adherence, but also reduces the time necessary for the physical therapy to succeed. It also allows the therapists to significantly increase their workload and increase their income.

“ I am very excited the possibilities of Wizecare’s cutting edge solution in the US. Health Care providers have announced that they will reimburse physical, occupational and speech therapy telehealth services provided by qualified health care professionals when rendered using interactive audio/video technology such as Wizecare. As a Physical Therapist for over 16 years, the Wizecare has provided game changing improvements for the therapists, the patients and for the HMOs far beyond the original vision that I had when starting the company, ” stated Roy Shteren, CEO of Wizecare.

The company has conducted two clinical studies to date and is in the midst of the 3rd one with the 2nd ranked Healthcare provider in the US, the Cleveland Clinic foundation.

The 1st clinical study was published in the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research and showed better clinical outcomes in 5 out of 6 clinical tests and shorter recovery time among patients who went through a Total Hip Replacement procedure and used  the WizeCare app in their home surroundings , compare to the control group which kept on the face 2 face treatment.

The technology enables patients to overcome common barriers such as time, distance, co-payments, and logistical obstacles, and perform a professional and clinical proven Physical therapy in the patient’s home or natural environment. The product enables dramatic cost savings and creation of an additional revenue channel that today is recognized for insurance indemnity by Medicare, United Healthcare and other leading insurers in the US.


Wizecare is crowdfunding to raise $ 1m through Pipebiz The final date is September 20th. You are welcome to participate

Todate, Wizecare has raised $2.5m. Several other life science companies have successfully raised funding on Pipelbiz such as LBT (1,113,281 NIS), Neurosense (3,999,990 NIS), Red C Biotech (3,214841 NIS), Innocan (2,958,683 NIS), Cannible (2,417,710 NIS), BreatheVision (2,912,533 NIS).

Wizecare is making significant progress in its Business Development:

  • The company has signed a commercial agreement with Meuhedet HMO and moving forward to close an agreement with the largest HMO in Israel – Clalit health services.
  • Cleveland Clinic and Aurora health (AHH) are in advance discussions for commercial use. They both looking for a solution covering all of the cases that can benefit from remote PT services and not only Ortho or Neuro cases.
  • The company is three months from releasing the MoveAI technology for IOS devices.”

Special Sunday, September 6th Virtual Company Presentation

For those interested in hearing more about Wizecare amazing solution , thee is an Investors event, Sunday September 6th , for in English at 5pm Israel time. To sign , follow the link here:

For more Information, please Contact:
Roy Shteren
CEO & Co-Founder, WizeCare Technologies
NY +1- 347 480 4212 TLV +972 544 760016 Email: roy at

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