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WizeCare signed a five year nation wide contract to provide remote physical rehabilitation services to Meuhedet. The deal was signed after a successful clinical trial and a three month successful pilot project. The study was focused on orthopedic patients suffering from pain and range-of-motion limitation in their knees or shoulders. The study showed over 80% adherence of patients at home, compared to today’s average adherence of 5%-10%. The impact of higher adherence is leading to better outcomes and cost reduction.

WizeCare has already partnered with the Cleveland Clinic, VPHT (Virtual Health PT) and are in advanced discussions with NYU and Spaulding Rehabilitation (Boston).

WizeCare has already provided its technology in more than 50 clinics in Israel and will soon complete implementation at the remaining centers. Using WizeCare’s platform, Meuhedet will treat its policyholders with remote physical rehabilitation therapy, to dramatically lower face to face sessions, especially for those with acute post traumatic orthopedic conditions and the elderly population who are unable to get medical treatment at centers, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, WizeCare solution has already successfully treated over 25,000 patients and 1,500 physiotherapists are currently registered with the app. The WizeCare platform has been clinically proven for joint replacement (CJR) patients and Parkinson disease based on 2 clinical studies that showed it improved patient adherence at home compared to the conventional face to face physical therapy.

Roy Shteren, WizeCare’s CEU stated, “WizeCare is happy to partner with Meuhedet, the first Israel HMO to use the technology to enable clinicians to maintain continuity of care at the patients’ home. WizeCare brings a 45 percent reduction in costs for the HMO and an 80% improvement in patient adherence to the treatment regimen.”

WizeCare offers an app for healthcare providers that enables physiotherapists and clinicians to guide their patients during their at-home rehabilitation exercises. WizeCare creates personalized guidance videos according to the physiotherapist’s specification or the standard of care of an entire organization. Healthcare providers can also choose from an existing library of videos. The patient then receives an invitation on their mobile phone or personal computer to a tailored program created by their healthcare provider, who can track their compliance and milestones, and adjust the program accordingly. The entire process can be carried out remotely.

WizeCare has launched their revolutionary MoveAI™ technology to analyze patient motions by using mobile phone cameras and deep learning. The new innovative technology is delivering Kinect-like advanced capabilities without Kinect or any wearable devices, enabling patients to receive real-time performance scoring and personalized guidance on how to improve their movements, just by using their personal mobile phones or computers. Thus MoveAI™ can see the patients doing their exercise, providing them real time feedback as well as positive encouragement while informing their therapists on how well the patients are doing and where the patients have difficulty. This not only provides more effective sessions for the patients, providing a high level of adherence, but also reduces the time necessary for the physical therapy to succeed. It also allows the therapists to significantly increase their workload and increase their income.

MoveAI will be the first to bring tracking and movement analysis to a consumer application,” says Shteren. “On top of that, the technology will be a gamechanger enabling clinicians to get performance data that used to be available only in the clinic.”

WizeCareThe company is collaborating with top US medical research hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic to validate its technology by conducting clinical trials for numerous treatments and post operative cases. The Cleveland Clinic is using WizeCare for patients with Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, gait and balance disorders, and joint replacements. Validated under Medicare’s Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model, WizeCare can eliminate or dramatically reduce home visits during the 90-day post-surgery rehab period.

“Medicare pushes technologies that can really lower costs for CJR. The Cleveland Clinic does 4,000 cases a year, so we offer them a cost reduction of about $8-12 million — and without compromising on quality of care,” says Shteren.

For more Information, contact: Roy Shteren
CEO & Co-Founder, WizeCare Technologies
NY +1- 347 480 4212 TLV +972 544 760016 Email: roy at

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